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Where no 'off the shelf' product suits your business we can provide a...


Before you even start you need to know what you need. Obviously you know you...


Fundamental to management reporting most solutions require a database. Each...


Seamless integration between existing systems (e.g. Xero, MYOB, Dropbox,...

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Database Design

It is fundamental to the longevity of your custom software that the database is set up correctly. This is not something that you need to worry about, but as part of our consultative process we ask the right questions to make absolutely sure we know your vision for the future of your business. If the structure of the database is correct from the start we can in the future make further enhancements without the need to make costly structural changes. Sometimes this is necessary as a business may require fundamentally different functionality, but we strive to future proof your custom software as much as possible from the outset.

Some questions we might ask

Are you expecting to increase any of the following in the next 12 months: Productivity, Staff numbers, Turnover, Product lines?

Are you targeting international clients?

Are you considering opening a branch internationally?

Do you want to exit your business in the next 5 years?

What information would help you to better understand your business? Some examples...

  • Sales figures per sales rep/month/client
  • Which clients are the most profitable or which spend to most money
  • How many hours are staff working and how productive or how profitable are they

What information would help you to better run your business? Some examples...

  • Daily run/diary sheets for sales reps
  • Checklists for client site visits
  • Order pick lists per client

The possibilities are as unique as your business. Contact us to discuss your requirements further.