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Our Clients

Panasonic New Zealand Ltd
Marketing Budget System:
Panasonic required a management tool for the complex management of their marketing budget. The solution is a centralised system where actual and budgeted figures are maintained for the various levels of funding and areas of the Panasonic business. Functinality also includes the generation of Purchase Orders and subsequant supplier invoices to be entered against those purchase orders. This maintains a rigidity in the approvals process, ensuring budgets are easily managed. Management reporting allows for various methods of viewing the data in the system and several customised reports. Upon implementation of this system, Panasonic has gained time savings due to non-duplication of information and uncomplicated reporting. Additionally the system provides tighter controls over spending with accountability and transparency regarding the creation and approval of Purchase Orders.


Vehicle Tracking System: 
VSS specialises in LTSA compliance for imported vehicles from motorbikes to light trucks and caravans. Along with compliance requirements, they also provide services including AA appraisals, oil and filter service, vehicle repairs and mechanical repairs. With operations quickly increasing VSS were in need of a systematic tracking system which would enable staff and clients to quickly know where any vehicle is in real-time. Using the custom developed Vehicle Tracking System, VSS processes 400-500 cars per month. Remote scanning technology enables vehicle locations to be maintained in real-time at each workshop. To enhance the Customer Service experience an on-line self-service Client access portal was created, giving Clients access to secure live details regarding their vehicles on the VSS website. VSS have been able to save valuable resources due to the reduction in phone calls received from Clients requiring information regarding vehicles, and in managment of vehicles throug the compliane process.

“Dynamic Solutions have understood our business requirements and have been very helpful and accommodating. The tracking system designed by Dynamic Solutions has enabled VSS to go the extra mile in providing exceptional Customer Service. I would recommend Dynamic Solutions to any business.” - Sheree Green, General Manager, VSS NZ Ltd


National Contract Services Ltd (NCSL)
Job Management System: 
NCSL delivers experienced, professional project management in both the construction and telecommunications industries. They maintain contractors and working gangs. Dynamic Solutions developed a custom online system which replicated the existing paper based system for management of jobs, clients and contractors (gangs). NCSL was required to produce vast reporting (including billing reports) which was incredibly time consuming and there was a potential for error. The new Job Management System now enables input of data directly by the Contractors remotely and reporting is now produced instantly instead of over several painstaking days. Additionally, NCSL now has vast management reporting ability at their fingertips.


Airey Consultants Ltd
Mobile Playground Database: Dynamic Solutions originally provided custom software to manage and produce reporting for annual structural and safety inspections of playground and park assets for the Manukau City Council. This software has now be upgraded to be used on a moible devise, allowing Engineers to update the database directly while on site. With 835 items of various playground equipment and structures, Airey Consultants needed solution which would cut out the manual component of this arduous task, and to reduce the large manual labour content of compiling the huge reporting document.


South Auckland Taxis Association
Personnel Vehicle Register:
With hundreds of self employed and contracted taxi operators to manage, South Auckland Taxis required a database which would allow them to easily record and manage personnel and compliance requirements. To create a central point of management, a custom solution was developed which enables management to quickly and accurately determine the status of any taxi operator within the fleet. Critical compliance areas are also managed regarding Area Knowledge, Unit Standard Certifications. In addition, Share information is kept for those operators who are self employed and who manage their own fleet.

"Thanks for the great work that you have done with our company database. The design process made it easy for us to communicate our needs and now our custom solution has made our work much more manageable. It’s also great to know that we have peace of mind in that we are able to request changes and updates and have these implemented quickly. Look forward to dealing with you again." - Eddie Tofilau, Managing Director, South Auckland Taxis Assoc. Ltd


Portable X-Rays
Complete Upgrade of Existing Software:
Dynamic Solutions provided Portable X-Rays with a complete upgrade of their existing custom software which is remarkably more user friendly and future proof. The new software’s flexibility means that enhancements are easily able to be incorporated. Portable X-Ray Services are continually thinking of new ways to use and enhance their custom software and work with Dynamic Solutions to make these ideas a reality.


International Certifications Ltd
Client Management Database On-Line:
ICL is a global company with their head office in Auckland which provides independent third party certification services to businesses requiring ISO and other business certification standards. ICL have offices in 12 countries including, New Zealand, Australia, India, and USA. With 220 auditors worldwide auditing more than 2700 companies globally, there is a massive amount of documentation which is required and as such a complex business process which ICL manage from their Auckland office. Dynamic Solutions designed an online solution which is able to be accessed by all their offices globally. Now each office world-wide can manage their Clients effectively and in the way that Head Office specify.


Safety System:
Amcor’s Beverage Cans Division manufactures aluminium cans for the New Zealand canned beverage market. Employees in their manufacturing plant are under constant scrutiny for adhering to the vitally important safety standards. Amcor were finding it almost impossible to track who was using the correct equipment and whether or not that equipment would be functional. The Safety System logs who is issued with what equipment and when and highlights anything outside the normal range.


Warranty Standards
Customer Management System:
Warranty Standards have a range of Certification Standards for businesses and provide independent third party certification services. An important part of client management for Warranty Standards is to ensure that the Client’s Certification doesn’t lapse and that a strict follow up process is in place. Also reporting to the certification body is vital. Dynamic Solutions provided Warranty Standards with a Customer Management System, which allows them to manage the Client’s certifications and provide the required reporting at the press of a button.


Steel Building Pricing Tool:
Rollformers manufacture custom steel buildings, which are capable of being manufactured in preset sectional lengths. They needed a design tool for their sales team which provided drawings for Council Consent also and a management tool for manufacturing. The resulting solution was a Design Tool which enabled sales team to design a bespoke utility building with the client on site. The system also provided detailed materials lists for manufacturing and accurate drawings for Council Consents.


Davie Motors Holden
Vehicle Management System:
David Motors Holden needed a vehicle management system which would be easy to use by administrative, technical and workshop staff for the tracking of serviced vehicles. Dynamic Solutions provided Davie Motors Holden with an easy to use, cost effective solution which tracked vehicles as they progressed through the servicing process at their Service Centre. This means that at all times any vehicle can be looked up by anyone to find out where it is and what work is still to be carried out.